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At the end of last week, I was having a moderately tough time. I would say it wasn’t terrible by most standards, but by mine, it was a crisis. A lot of times I feel like I am on my own schedule, and when other people or things don’t move at that same pace it is easy for me to get frustrated. Sometimes it is easy to let stress get the best of us.

Convince Yourself That Everything Is Alright

Most of my strife, of course, was due to hormones making me a crazy person. I also realized that sometimes I just get overwhelmed with everything that I am doing, should be doing, and want to be doing. Finding a balance can be so hard. Luckily I managed to take a deep breath and quickly get over myself. I silently told myself that it will all be alright because whatever is supposed to happen will happen. Instantly I was reminded of one of my favorite lines from a Pete Yorn song from the Early 2000’s. Convince yourself that everything is alright, ‘cos is already is.

Dealing with stress isn't easy. This free watercolor printable will serve as the perfect reminder to not worry your pretty little head

And isn’t that really the thing? It isn’t my job to worry about things because everything always works out. I just have to convince myself that everything is already fine, and it will all be good. Creating this little printable for my office is the perfect memo for stress. I can look at it every time I think something is a crisis (it usually isn’t). Now I have this gentle reminder to accept the external things that I can not control. It also reminds me that all the work I need to do is within.

Feel free to download this pdf and share with your friends, colleagues, family, and people that sit by you at work that complain a lot. It is an 8×10 print which prints on regular paper with a small border. Enjoy!