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Taking Care of  Your Hunter Boots

It is summertime in Florida, and that means it is the rainy season. For most places, I feel like Spring is the time you want to pull out your rain boots, but that is certainly not the case here.

We were bombarded by the first tropical storm of the season this week and unfortunately, our house is located in a flood zone. Even though I couldn’t manage to get my car out to go to work, I still needed to see how far down the driveway I could go. Ok, mostly this was just so I could send a photo to my boss so he would believe why I wouldn’t be showing up.

Attempting to check the water depth meant I needed to find my rain boots, and quickly. You can imagine my dismay when I got to my closet to find the shiny rain boots I hadn’t worn since 2014 were looking dull and powder coated. I had read about blooming, which is a natural process that occurs to rubber as various particles rise to the surface, but it was still disappointing.

A quick and easy way to clean Hunter Boots with items you already have at home. Try this all natural method to remove the bloom from Hunter Boots


What Can I Use To Clean Hunter Boots?

I knew I probably wouldn’t wear my rain boots again for another two years so I didn’t want them getting all gross again.  Since I was already off for the day I decided there was no better time to get to work on cleaning those babies up. As you may have guessed I didn’t have any of the special Hunter Boot Buffer Spray, and Amazon prime now didn’t have any choices either. Of course I would assume that they wouldn’t be delivering to my neighborhood with the streets flooded.

So there I was, stuck finding something that I already had on hand. Of course my first instinct was to try olive oil. A quick google search told me that this was a more than acceptable method. I love when I am right!  I quickly went to work gathering my supplies. In this case I only needed two things. Olive oil, and a microfiber cloth. Now, by no means do you need special organic olive oil. This is just what I had on hand but any old olive oil that you have will do the trick.

How to clean hunter boots

I dabbed a little olive oil directly on the microfiber cloth and began to pass it over the boots in a circular motion. The blooming immediately disappeared much to my delight. Here you can see one polished and one with the blooming just to compare the drastic difference.


And the final results! Yeah! Even though I don’t wear these boots on a regular basis it is good to know that I can spruce them up and looking as good as new by using items I already have on hand. I also like that I didn’t have to use any harsh chemicals to get the results I wanted. What cleaning tips can you share that use common natural household ingredients?