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I have had a lot of side hustles over the last several years.  In case you are late to the game, a side hustle is any extra income stream that you can create aside from your regular job. Even as far back as 15 years ago, I was selling stuff on eBay for extra money to buy more stuff on eBay with. Using the money that I had made on the side always felt justified for impulse purchases that I wouldn’t typically buy.

Since living a healthy life includes having healthy finances, from time to time I write about improving your pocketbook. Having a side hustle is one good way to bring in some extra income to pay off debt, buy a frivolous item, or even pay for a vacation.


Most of the side hustles I have started have always been well worth the time I have spent on them.  But what if you have a full-time job and need to fit your side project into the little free time that you have? I have come up with a list of tips that you can use to maximize your time and work your side hustle into your day.

 Use Evernote

Keeping up to the minute notes on ideas, blog posts, to do lists can make you more productive. I use Evernote to help keep my thoughts all in one place and love the fact that it syncs across devices. I can start a blog post while waiting in line at the post office then copy and paste it to my WordPress editor later in the day from my laptop. The Evernote app has been a lifesaver and one that I have had in my arsenal for several years now.

Get Organized

I organize all of my extra projects in Trello. Trello allows me to create lists of ongoing projects and prioritize them the way that I want. If I happen to be working with someone else on the project I can share my boards with them so we can collaborate and stay organized. It is probably the one tool that has ramped up my productivity the most.

Find Extra Time

Of course, if you had extra time you probably wouldn’t be reading this post right? I had to take a look at how I was spending my time to really see where I could carve out some extra time to devote to my side projects.

Since I work a full-time job I was having a hard time figuring out where to find the time myself. Then I realized that two days a week I take an hour-long lunch break, and the other two days I have two 15 minute breaks for which to do with whatever I please. This adds up to an extra three hours per week that I can be writing, replying to emails, or brainstorming my next greatest idea.

Working from my car or the office break room with my iPad and Bluetooth keyboard helps me slide in extra work. A simple lined notebook and your phone can be good tools to get a few things done if you don’t want to tote around electronics. It never takes me an hour to eat lunch so I was basically just wasting the time before.

Five ways to make your side hustle fit into your lifestyle. Finding extra time to work on your side hustle can be easy with these simple tips.

Set aside time on the weekends

When you are working all week for someone else, spending the weekend packaging Etsy orders or mystery shopping isn’t how you want to spend your weekend. Set aside a few hours of each day during the weekend (perhaps while the rest of your family sleeps) and get to work. Set a timer and when the time is up it is time to go and enjoy however you please.

Get Help

Take the chance to ask your friends or family to help with your latest project. Chances are they will be more than happy to help you in some way. My husband helps me by completing Swagbucks surveys and helping me package Etsy orders. We have figured out a system that allows us a steady workflow while still spending quality time together and getting to enjoy whatever is on Netflix.

Five ways to make your side hustle fit into your lifestyle. Finding extra time to work on your side hustle can be easy with these simple tips.

Be Dedicated

Always remember why you are working your side hustle and keep your goal in mind. Perhaps you have a goal to pay off debt, save for a special event, or make your monthly car payment. Write down your goal and keep it where you can see it. Having a constant reminder of what you are working towards it will be much easier to meet and exceed your side hustle goals!

Are there any tips that you use to keep you motivated to get your side jobs done? What ways have you found to make them easier?