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Halloween is drawing closer and tons of treats are already starting to show in candy bowls everywhere. Probably one of the scariest parts of Halloween is knowing that without proper preparation you can totally derail your clean eating.

I am guilty of inhaling an entire can of mixed peanuts and candy corn well before October even hit this year. If you are anything like me once you start eating sugar, there is no way to stop. Here are a few tips that I use to keep October from turning into a month-long sugar fest.

Keep Candy Out Of The House

This is obviously a no-brainer. Not bringing candy into the house if you don’t have to can keep you from digging into the sweets when you are bored or hungry. My mother in law sends loads of candy, Rice Krispie treats and the famous peanuts and candy corn every year. I try to eat a little bit to satisfy my urge then take the rest to work. When I am looking for something sweet later on I usually kick myself, but I know that finding a sugar free treat will keep me satisfied and indulge in that if I absolutely must.

Wait Until The Last Minute

If you are expecting trick or treaters wait until the last minute to purchase your candy. Pick up your treats on Halloween and you won’t be tempted to pick through your stash. Passing out non candy treats is another option. Glow sticks, stickers, slime and other spooky accessories are great options. If you want to be a really funny try passing out sample size toothpaste and floss!

Don't let a little candy derail all your hard work. This Halloween, keep scary candy cravings at bay by following these simple tips to managing treats.

Give In A Little

If you know that you can splurge just a little without consequence then treat yo’ self. Going cold turkey can be really tough and everything is ok in moderation. Just keep in mind that this is only a good option if you can actually police yourself.

If you have children this can be a little more difficult, especially once they come home with tons of candy from trick or treating. I know that I would most likely have to have them hide the candy from me!

Don’t Settle

That’s right, don’t settle for just any ole crappy candy. Make sure that if you decide to splurge it is something that is on your favorites list. I don’t know how many times I have had a crazy craving for sugar only to bite into a candy to find that it tastes a little weird. If you have been eating well for any amount of time, processed candy can start to taste, well fake. If it doesn’t taste as good as you remember you don’t have to settle. Toss it and indulge in a piece of rich dark chocolate instead.

Work It Off

That’s right, go ahead and have those two mini Snickers and all the Twizzlers. Ok, maybe not all of them. Treat yo’ self and then get to moving. Spend a little extra time at the gym this month or take an extra trip or two around the neighborhood. If you have children get out there and walk around the neighborhood with them. It is a great way to stay active and might burn off a little bit of the candy you plan on enjoying after.

Just remember you are working on yourself one day at a time and there is no reason to let scary candy cravings take over this Halloween. Let all the ghosts and goblins be the only thing that is terrifying, not your scale on November 1st.